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Monday, September 28, 2009

Autumn's Hum lyrics

Season bells ringing out ringing loud
Here it is, here is now
Catapult me in the sky
Lemme fall back on a soft summers cloud

Dusty dawn and a lingering fog
Hangs overhead a new season is born
A new season is born

Feeling under a spell of a calm and crisp and cool autumn sky
Ringing out ringing loud
Here it is, here is now
Holds my thoughts let em drift on in full flight

A new day dawns and it's lingering on
Hangs overhead a new feeling is born
A new season is born

Out In the Open lyrics

Head over heals with this feeling is it real?
Am I awake or just sleeping?
Am I hear or am I dreaming? Ooh ooh

Out in the open waiting for anything to come
Catch my breath for the moment
You put me to rest, oh you put me at ease
For the moment

You put me at ease, you put me to rest
Ooh Ooh

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sew the Scars lyrics

Sail through the sky and float on the clouds
Hold the hills and catch the stillness
In the eyes of the calm

All the days wandering through the haze
Now it starts to dissipate
All the nights spent lying awake
Now the worrying starts to disappear

Weep no more and sew the scars
Hold your own and follow the sun
In the eyes, in the eyes of the calm

Chrous repeat

Overgrown with Warmth lyrics

Clouds they hung so low I swear they touched the street
Came up from underneath swirlin' around like steam
And the rain it hit like the heat
The water was filled with smoke
When it touched the ground I was overgrown with warmth


Misty blue eyes you're not so alone
You got the dusk & the dawn the rain & the sun & the sky
Misty blue eyes don't be so afraid
You got the wind and rain the dust & the sun and the sights alright

And the sun it shined so bright I swear I could feel it inside
Heat filled me up all the way to my cheeks
No longer did I feel weak

Chrous repeat

Sing & Dance lyrics

Dance little lady don't say maybe whoa whoa
Sing little birdy with a flurry of notes

Oooo La La La.....

It's enough to make you feel
Doing backflips in your head til you feel ill
Feel the comfort, cushions of the sparks
Pushin pedals deep into my heart

Oooo La La La.....

Stroll with the current
There's no hurry whoa whao
Glide like the wings of the bells that ring

Oooo.... La La La....