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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Overgrown with Warmth lyrics

Clouds they hung so low I swear they touched the street
Came up from underneath swirlin' around like steam
And the rain it hit like the heat
The water was filled with smoke
When it touched the ground I was overgrown with warmth


Misty blue eyes you're not so alone
You got the dusk & the dawn the rain & the sun & the sky
Misty blue eyes don't be so afraid
You got the wind and rain the dust & the sun and the sights alright

And the sun it shined so bright I swear I could feel it inside
Heat filled me up all the way to my cheeks
No longer did I feel weak

Chrous repeat


Mary McHugh said...

Hi Brad
Would it be possible to get your chords for this song? We want to learn it. Thanks Mary

Samuel Gibala said...

Hey, can i find chords for this somewhere?
Thanks! :)